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Z = advance text.

X = open door/switch slime

This was the end result of several trainwrecks of ideas for Jimi Masuraki'sslime jam. I originally wanted to make an smt-style dungeon crawler where instead of demons, you can befriend slimes. It then got dialed back as a rogue-like game, then dialed back more into a vn with some real time elements (slimes randomly visit you and you continue down their route that way) and finally it turned into a very short game where you get 2 slimes coming to the door giving (hopefully) you some (hopefully) good advice.

The code is an absolute MESS, and i hope to one day use a proper editor and clean it up if only so i can learn how to clean messy code.

Despite the game being nowhere near what I wanted it to be, I managed to have fun with it, and that's all that matters.

Published 79 days ago
GenreVisual Novel
TagsPICO-8, Singleplayer


slimefriends.zip 1 MB

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